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July 2014
Christophe Pierre, VP for Academic Affairs, U of I

The inaugural UA Review process was based upon the understanding that the core missions of the University are teaching, research, and public service. These missions are carried out primarily at the campus level and are facilitated and supported by the work of service-oriented university administration (UA) units.

Like other organizations, the U of I needs an appropriate infrastructure for business and support services that are be provided in the most efficient manner possible. The UA Review teams recommended that university administration units and their budgets and performance should be reviewed annually.

The UA Budget Review Advisory Committee (UBRAC), formed in April 2014, is composed of representatives from all three campuses, faculty leadership, and UA. The committee conducted the first annual budget review of UA units submitting a final report to the President in mid-June. In their report, UBRAC members noted that suggestions for improvement and formalization of the process are perhaps the more significant results.

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Stephanie Dable, AITS spotlight
UA Unit Spotlight: Stephanie Dable, TAM

Name: Stephanie Dable, director
Office: Technical Applications Management
Office Reports to: Applications Development, Support and Data (ADSD), a unit of AITS
In Sum: Works with University & campus units to maximize returns from the wide range of University systems

What does the Technical Applications Management team do exactly?
We help units on the campuses and in UA get the most out of University enterprise-level resources, such as Banner, TEM, HRFE, and student administrative systems such as the Tuition Waiver Calculator. We also serve as liaisons between end users and other AITS staff. So, in a nutshell, we’re project managers, analysts, testers, and occasionally developers.

How many people work in TAM?
TAM is part of AITS’ Applications Development, Support, and Data (ADSD) division. We have 40 dedicated staff members who specialize in data automation (which includes workflow and document imaging), finance, human resources/payroll, and student systems. They provide 24/7 support, handle configuration and security, resolve duplicate IDs, take on smaller discrete projects, and also participate in large ITPC (IT priorities committee) projects that benefit units across the University.

What is your role as TAM director?
I work with six assistant directors, each of who leads a smaller team. They do a fantastic job of keeping the day-to-day work flowing smoothly and developing good relationships with their customers across all three campuses. My role is to help create a working environment in TAM that allows the teams to work collaboratively with our customers and to provide advice and serve as a sounding board for TAM assistant directors. I’ve developed relationships with our key customers, for example in ERHR, OBFS-BIS, and the student campus coordinators across all 3 campuses, and appreciate understanding their unique needs and concerns.

It’s important that the University stay as current as possible with software releases and have error-free implementations of enterprise software. For example, throughout the year I work with Ellucian, which provides Banner software, on our contracts, working through any issues, scheduling upgrades, and communicating the needs of the many users of Banner across the University.

Where did you work before you became TAM director?  How does that University experience help you and the larger TAM team?
When I first joined the University, I worked in University Human Resources in the information systems area. After about 3 years, I joined the UI-Integrate project and was the project manager for the HR/payroll implementation.

Working on UI-Integrate gave me a first-hand understanding of UA and campuses business processes. Across the U of I, we have evolved our way of thinking from “we’ve always done it this way” to looking at new ways of doing business as we adopt new systems. This is important for TAM and our analysts, because we are constantly looking at new systems and working with campus staff to identify more efficient ways of doing business.

Are there particular times of year when your office is most busy?
Each area has a different business cycle, so we are really busy year round. For example, in the HR/payroll area, the busiest times are during the July – September period preparing for fall new hires, as well as during W-2 processing in January. For finance, the busiest time of year is preparing for fiscal year-end, which is May – July. For student-oriented teams, the busiest times are during the beginning and end of terms.

Anything else we should know?
We support a large number of systems from A to W (from Ad Astra to Workflow).  If you ever have questions about a system, please contact the AITS help desk, and someone there will put you in contact with the right team:  servicedeskaits@uillinois.edu or 217-333-3102 (Urbana-Champaign or Springfield) or 312-996-4806 (Chicago).


UA social media best practices released

Numerous UA units have a social media presence. Because of this increase, University Relations developed a best practices document designed to guide UA units not yet active on social media and to reinforce positive behavior for already active units.

The best practices guide is based on similar resources from the campuses. Members of University Relations’ UA Communications Council provided input on early drafts as did representatives of several offices actively using social media. Members of the UA IT committee provided input and recommended that the guide be distributed as soon as possible.

If your office is considering establishing social media accounts or is already active, please read the best practices document. Your unit social media team is also invited to sign up for the new UA social media list to receive periodic updates about social media initiatives and to participate in discussions.

Comments or questions may be directed to the Office for University Relations (infosource@uillinois.edu).


UA News Briefs

Sympathy is extended to the family of OBFS assistant director Kim Britton and to her U of I colleagues and friends. Kim and her daughter Piper died in a tragic accident on I-55 on Monday, July 21.

The Association for Land-Grant Universities (APLU) recently named the U of I as an "Innovation & Economic Prosperity" university. The five-year designation acknowledges the University's previous accomplishments in the economic development arena. The Office of the Vice President for Research coordinated the application process.

President Easter showcased a new video about the university during a recent trip to Asia where he visited three countries.

Do you manage social media for your UA office? If you do, please subscribe to the new UA social media listserv and learn more about UA initiatives and give feedback on questions related to this topic.

University Relations has new backdrops available for loan. If you are planning an event, check out the options and contact the office if you want to borrow one of the displays.

An updated style guide is available for UA staff. The guide includes both a style and terms list.

Send any comments about UA eNEWS to infosource@uillinois.edu.


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July 24: Board of Trustees meeting, Chicago (webcast)

Sept 22: Board of Trustees meeting, Urbana (webcast)

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