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June 2017


Performance data and reports
 Performance Data and Reports
 Performance Data and Reports

Detailed performance information and reports are available on the ITPC Reports and Newsletters web page at

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Upcoming deadlines

ITPC review meetings and deadlines have been posted on the ITPC web page:

August 7th is the deadline for having project proposals approved by the appropriate subcommittee and submitted to Cynthia for Cross Functional Review.

ITPC community

ITPC community discussion boards are up and running!  

We have a number of project ideas, plus pictures from the ITPC summit. 

Please visit us and join the conversation:

Recently approved projects

The May/June ITPC meetings were cancelled this year as we only had our regular mandatory projects to review:

  • ITPC-0548 Analysis for mission critical system architecture upgrade (Banner General transformed forms)
  • ITPC-0549 Maintain quality of services to approximately 78,000 student users (Nelnet maintenance)
  • ITPC-0550 Ensure continued efficient operations of HR offices and University Payroll and Benefits (HRFE/PARIS maintenance)
  • ITPC-0551 Maintain system necessary to continue strategic sourcing (iBuy maintenance)
  • ITPC-0552 Ensure continued efficient and accurate processing of contracts (iCS maintenance)
  • ITPC-0553 Ensure continued efficient and accurate processing of travel reimbursements for faculty and staff (TEM maintenance)
  • ITPC-0554 FY18 Annual Financial Aid Regulatory Changes
  • ITPC-0555 Mandatory Oracle upgrade and Oracle Streams replacement analysis
  • ITPC-0556 Implement new System Office branding for enterprise applications

Summary sheets and the complete proposals are available on the ITPC website at