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December 2016


Performance data and reports
 Performance Data and Reports
 Performance Data and Reports

Detailed performance information and reports are available on the ITPC Reports and Newsletters web page at

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Upcoming deadlines

Please visit the ITPC Committee Review schedule for the full list.

1/3/2017              Proposals for BI/PM Due (including large project proposals)

1/4/2017              Proposals due for HR ITPC Meeting

1/10/2017            BI/PM Subcommittee Meeting

1/11/2017            HR ITPC Subcommittee Meeting

1/13/2017            Proposals due for Student ITPC

1/20/2017            Proposals for FSC due (including large project proposals)

1/20/2017            Student ITPC Meeting

1/25/2017            Proposals due for HR ITPC Meeting (including large project proposals)

1/27/2017            Finance Subcommittee Meeting

1/30/2017            Proposals for ITPC XFG Due (including DRAFTs of large project proposals)


The following projects are scheduled to start next quarter:  

  • ITPC-0527 Improve student’s scheduling experience by implementing College Scheduler
  • ITPC-0546 Analysis for mission critical Student enterprise system upgrade (Analysis for student transformed forms)

The following projects are expected to close within the next quarter:

  • ITPC-0442 (GCO: Federal Financial Report Modification)
  • ITPC-0498 Retro Pay
  • ITPC-0512 uPortal upgrade

The following projects were started in the last quarter

  • ITPC-0547 Analysis to upgrade mission critical Finance and AR enterprise systems
  • ITPC-0544 My UI Financials Enhancements
  • ITPC-0514 Increase speed of student reimbursements (SAPR workflow)
  • ITPC-0539 SharePoint 2016 upgrade

The following projects were closed this past quarter:

  • ITPC-0501 Service Desk Manager Upgrade
  • ITPC-0536 Fall 2016 Banner Upgrade
  • ITPC-0468 Ad Astra UIC Unit Pilot
  • ITPC-0487 Upgrade Enterprise Messaging Broker